SNSD’s Jessica and DBSK’s Mickey kiss!?!


This picture has been circulating on the web and many people are wondering if it really is SNSD’s Jessica and DBSK’s Mickey on this picture. Some people even consider it to be Donghae in the picture but I doubt that.
Jessica has many many rumors about when she was still a trainee, she used to date Jaejoong [from DBSK], and then Super Junior’s Donghae, Heechul, Kangin and then Shindong. Hahaha~ woww many guys right there, but I don’t believe them and I’m not quite sure if that’s really Jessica in the picture. what do you think?


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One Response to “SNSD’s Jessica and DBSK’s Mickey kiss!?!”

  1. serenity yu Says:

    the pic above was cut and had only 동 (dong) on it but the original screen capture had names written with 동해, 제시카? (donghae, jessica?) i doubt it’s them though, and definitely not yoochun too according to his side profile…

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